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Which came first? The Chicken or the......What happen to Ken's black hair? Was he blonde first?

1961 barbie and ken, this brings back so many memories of all my Barbie Dolls back then.

Vintage Barbie styling head from Mattel 1971. this why I am what I am today LOL

Superstar Barbie Fashion Face - Vintage Barbie styling head from Mattel. Base is dated but instructions are dated Includes 4

1961 barbie.. wow i had one exactly like the red head. if i only knw to hold onto it, huh

I had the blonde bubblecut Barbie.Barbie's new look in said to be influenced by the lady Jackie Kennedy, the fashion ion of the time, was a short style called a Bubblecut.

Mattel Toys 1969 I had Stacey with every color hair, she was Barbie's english friend

The 7 Reasons Why You Need Furniture For Your Barbie Dolls

And oooh if you got an inflatable couch, then your room will feel more like an apartment! | The Sad Saga Of '90s Inflatable Furniture

In the '90s and early 2000s, you thought inflatable furniture was da bomb.


Barbie and the Nail Salon