Nerd Girl Problem #40: Having bursts of inspiration before you go to bed, but then realising how stupid they are in the morning.

So I guess "Did you watch the (Doctor Who/Firefly/Eureka/Star Trek/Warehouse 13/Sanctuary/Supernatural/Twilight Zone/Harry Potter/Etc) marathon last weekend?" doesn't qualify?

Friend, Relative, neighbors, Any male I happen to nice too for more than two freaking minute.

YES! THIS IS THE WORST! Especially because I intentionally brainstorm to put myself to sleep, so much important information can get lost this way.

This happens far too often and is the most depressing thing for a writer. EVER. Other than computer crashes and harddrive failures.

"Geek: Having more crushes on fictional characters than on people in real life Art Print" from Wrong Button Geek Chic Crafts on Etsy!

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