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Abdals of Turkey during annual traditional Djem ceremony in Abdal Musa Tekke Köyü Elmalı Antalya Turkey. The Abdals are nomadic or semi nomadic itinerants - descendants of Persians who speak their mysterious Argot language and follow Alevi sect.

A Qashqai woman, Iran. Qashqai is a collective name for nomadic pastoralist people of Iran. Ethnically they are of mixed Persians and Turks. They speak Persian. Qashgai could mean free man.

Saklikent Gorge - Turkey. Floating with the strong current fro the top to the bottom - ice cold water.

Manzara Villas on

The awe-inspiring Saklikent Gorge just 25 mins drive from Kalkan, Antalya.

Visiting the structure that is believed to be the Virgin Mary's house after the crucifixion. Ephesus, Turkey.

A Torajan man, Tana Toraja, Western part of Sulawesi/Celebes, Indonesia. One of community in Indonesia famous for their unique burial rituals and traditions although most of them are Christians now.