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Triple spiral, celtic triskele is sometimes called the spiral of life. It was found in Newgrange site in Bronze age (or older) Ireland. It remained in Celtic art for 3,000 years. Celts believed all life moved in eternal cycles, regenerating at each point. All important things came in three phases: birth, death and rebirth. Mind, body & spirit.

The Celtic Triskele, also called the spiral of life, the triple spiral and the triple goddess, is three equal spirals radiating from a common center.


fulfilling what was begun in the past by taking action in the present to bring about an outcome in the future. - James Flaherty

Triskelion Trinity Knot Pendant - Made in Ireland. Such a beautiful reminder of our Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Sacred Symbols & Their Meanings

Triad Symbol an ancient Celtic symbol related to earthly life, the afterlife and reincarnation.