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The World - an unusual representation. This card means rebirth, celebration of an accomplishment that has helped us grow. Giving birth to the true self.

Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ threeriversdeep.w...

Dare to look deep --if your not going to--why bother?? Tarot is an Archetypal Journey and an Alchemical process to help one access and awaken keys within our higher consciousness and connect us with our soul's guidance on a much deeper level. It helps us remember the symbolic language which is a doorway to not only an understanding ourselves, but to communicating with the higher realms ❤tami

Madame Alina Forlani(by Somnium Phasmatis)

Past, Present, Future - Fortune Teller on South Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada #vintagesign

so it's a tarot card...but I love that it has Plantain on it!! If anybody knows the other flower pictured...please share!

Isobel having her way with the cards and with the help of marco Precede to take the positons of tarot reader and The circus of dreams..The specator or despreate individual come the circus hearing of a fortune teller and comes too see and maybe even receive something.

she kneeled into the dirt, hovering over her cards and frowning fiercely at them like they might move if she thought hard enough. "we can't afford to wait. we need to know now."

michelemeister: blacksunensemble: thetaparanoia:anathemantra:darkface:(via solstice-child)

Tarot read here a mi si me las han "LEIDO" y como mola... 😃