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Excellent 5★ review on Goodreads for The Hunter's Rede! #fantasy #‎novel‬ ‪#‎assassins‬ ‪#‎bookreview‬

The Hunter's Rede, Book One in the Chronicles of Ealiron. A tale of one warrior’s transformation by the forces of war, betrayal, wizardry, and love.

Deep in the heart of Loralin Forest, folks whisper of a legendary immortal predator with the body of a male god, towering black wings and the claws and fangs of a mountain cat. Crowharrow, they call it. But one family of troubled wizards knows the winged hunter is not a legend.

The second volume of the Terrano Trilogy, The Gift of the Trinde Tree Cover art is by Deron Douglas.

Windspeaker Kyla Cren gathers news from the wind and passes on to her village its warnings about mindstealers, creatures that rob human minds, leaving their victims insensible and helpless.

With their parents' deaths during the Genocide Wars, the five sons of Riven kan Ingan and his beloved Barbara flee to separate countries to escape the Margrave's injustice. Growing to adulthood in foreign lands, they fulfilled the Drune priest's prophecy given to their grandfather three generations before, and bring into being a new dynasty to rule the planet of Arcanis.

Freed from the battles and terrors of his home world, Jonathan Glauwer finds himself back in the thick of trouble when his old adversary, Walpole—the telepathic demon hedgehog of Yurle—escapes from his prison.