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HORSESHOE BAY BERMUDA - Bermuda is lucky to have many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, probably my all time favorite beach to go too

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda! I want to goooo

Horseshoe Bay is Bermuda's most famous and popular public beach. Pin provided by Elbow Beach, Bermuda


Bermuda - pink sand beaches Bermuda has some magnificent large and small beaches. Beach sand is not volcanic but from finely pulverized remains of calcium carbonate shells and skeletons of invertebrates such as corals, clams, forams and other shells.


Bermuda Island

Flatts Inlet, Bermuda we live in the sound shown as water on the right side of this picture

Bermuda...Went there on a cruise from NYC to celebrate my 5 years out of Chemo with my Mom & Dad!! (They surprised me with a decorated cabin with a cake, flowers and streamers for when I first walked in!!)

The Pink Sand Beach, Bermuda .WOW didn't know Bermuda had pink sand beaches as well definitely want to visit here


BERMUDA- pink sand, exploring on mopeds, crystal caves, whale watching

Oh, Bermuda. I for real almost did not make it out of here, so maybe there is something to that whole Bermuda Triangle thing. This was a shore excursion and my friend and I lost track of time.  We almost didn't make it back to the ship and had to rely on a good Samaritan to drive us there on his speedboat.  The second we boarded the ship, they pulled up the planks.  Fun in hindsight - probably wouldn't recommend it.

In Bermuda won Condé Nast Travelers’ Best Island in the Caribbean or Atlantic award during the Readers’ Choice Awards. Bermuda is a top luxury beach vacation spot in the Caribbean.