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  • Kyle & Irving

    How to Unlock the ROI of your Marketing with #analytics @HubSpot

  • Lori Evans Larsen

    How to Unlock the ROI of your marketing, a publication of @HubSpot #socialmarketing #marketing #socialmedia

  • Matthew Cantwell

    Free eBook with sign up, How to Unlock the ROI of your marketing, a publication of @HubSpot

  • Amel Fernández

    How to unlock the #ROI of your marketing with analytics - Hubspot #socialmedia

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Reinvent Your Event Marketing for Higher ROI - How to Create a Remarkable Trade Show Presence and Measure it – From this guide you will learn how to: Set the right goals and objectives for trade shows, Create calls to action to draw attendees to you, Make your event promotion social media friendly, Identify the right metrics to track in trade show marketing

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Nichole recommends you generate the soft leads with social media and then use email marketing to convert them into hard leads.

Three Myths of Social Media ROI [Infographic] (believe me there are more myths about social ROI,but don't let the ROI Police beat you down. Stick to your guns. Social Media Marketing IS marketing now so stay at it whether THEY believe in it or not :).

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