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A Very Potter Senior Year FULL! The end of a wonderful trilogy. Thank you Starkid!

If you have 2 hours watch it and blow the cobwebs from your mind. (The first 10min are a little dull and skipable)

  • Johnny Lowry

    Zeitgeist blew my mind the first time I saw it. I convinced a friend to watch it then, and we sat down and watched it together. He pointed out a thing or two that seemed odd, so we decided we wanted to check the sources. Turns out the people who created the movie source very little. I highly recommend looking into it, if you're up for continued cobweb removal. Either search around some, or if you'd like a shortcut to the most consolidated analysis of the movie, check this link: http://conspiracies.skeptic...

  • Haeley Derby-Nardone

    There are some things I do have questions about and some things I have heard from other reputable sources (mostly college classes) that I dont question (mostly the religion section). I guess I also just questions the people trying to discredit it. Then it gets you in a spiral of insecurity where you cant really KNOW what's true. But good call I will take some time and look these things up further. At the very least this movie make s you THINK. The 2nd one seems a bit over the top utopian fantasy to me. They almost seems to want become what they are against, a dominating philosphy controlling the views of the masses. Been a long time since I have seen the 3rd so I cant comment.

  • Johnny Lowry

    I thoroughly agree that it provides a good catalyst to make you think. I was just a little disappointed that they had to exaggerate some aspects unnecessarily, and make some claims without evidence. But in hindsight, I do recognize it as the catalyst that led me to a much more enlightened and educated place in my life.

  • Haeley Derby-Nardone

    My dad gave them to me a few years ago but i really got started because of a great teacher in college, its amazing how many times it comes back to a good teacher :)

Thru My Eyes playlist. Gorgeous videos of places all around the world

To see Bo's latest creative comedic achievements, watch the full special on his YouTube channel, or find it on Netflix: | 13 Life Lessons To Learn From Bo Burnham's Latest Comedy Special

A list of Broadway Shows that can be found in full on YouTube!! BEST PIN OF MY LIFE!!

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I Will Go Down With This Ship - YouTube (This explains what shipping is)

BRACE YOURSELVES, SHERLOCKIANS. | "Sherlock" Fans Are Not Emotionally Prepared For This New Mini-Episode

  • Haley Reeves

    What what what?? So awesome.

  • Lily Left

    Noooooooo noooooooo nooooooooo not call very very not cool!! Except of course that I loved it

  • Madisyn Belanger

    Are we emotionally prepared for anything??

  • Moriarty

    I was not emotionally prepared for the season finale of season 3

  • StarGirl

    whaaaat. i had no idea this was even out on youtube

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Katelin Wagner - "Disappearing Acts (after Miles Hodges)" - YouTube

Samantha Peterson - "Dead Men Can't Catcall" (CUPSI 2014) - YouTube // the audience is SUPER annoying in this, but the poem is badass.

I remember at Lakewood Elementary, I read this book as part of the Accelerated Reader program, and it was worth 36 points. The same reason I read The Hobbit. Thanks, AR, for making me the nerd I am today.