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Architectural design -- Data processing Computer-aided design Computational fluid dynamics Computer animation Architectural design -- Data processing. Computational fluid dynamics. Computer-aided design. Computer animation.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has remained a vital tool for aircraft design assessment ever since its inception. Its use has already brought a paradigm shift in the aircraft design process.

Popularity of using Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD for problem identification and mitigation has increased. The analysis technique is now used as a part of the standard design testing methodology for all types of mechanical designs.

Powerful. Intelligent. Easy to Use #CFD Thermal Design in Half the Time 6SigmaET, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool, brings new levels of productivity to electronics cooling design. Thanks to its ease-of-use, it overcomes many of the problems that have plagued analysis tools from the beginning. Boasting substantial automation and intelligence, 6SigmaET is already being used by a global community of design engineers.

Mesh generation is the process of creating polyhedral or polygonal mesh that is typically approximate to a geometric domain. The application of mesh generation encompasses rendering to physical or computer simulations such as Computational Fluid Dynamics or Finite Element Analysis.

CFD or computational fluid dynamic concept is being practiced in a wide range of engineering applications, so as to thoroughly understand the performances of fluids traveling through closed spaces. CFD engineering services are an important consideration in the design of the various engineering systems.