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Introduction: Modernity in Ruins -- Ruin Terrors and Pleasures -- Fear and Longing in Detroit -- Urban Exploration: Beauty in Decay -- Detroit Ruin Images: Where Are the People? -- Looking for Signs of Resurrection -- Surviving in the Post-Apocalyptic Landscape -- Conclusion: Your Town Tomorrow

from Architectural Digest

A New Book on American Architects at Paris’s École des Beaux-Arts

Book Review: The École des Beaux-Arts in Paris is hailed as one of the great art and architecture schools and its students have designed buildings that shaped the history of American architecture but exactly how rigorous is the program?

Accelerating urbanization worldwide means more urban-centered disasters. Floods, earthquakes, storms and conflicts affecting densely populated areas produce significant losses in lives, livelihoods and the built environment, especially in comparison to rural areas. Poor urban dwellers, almost always the most vulnerable, too often bear the brunt.