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Inspiração criação da marca Zuma Design - Xingu. Brazil

Papu by ~ViolentContact on deviantART Done with coloured pencils and pastels chalks in aprox. 4 hours.

woman in red, jaisalmer by nevil zaveri (Click on photo to visit photostream in Flickr)

Brazil | Kuikuru Indian. Xingu Indian Park, Mato Grosso | ©Serge Guiraud, via Flickr

Beautiful woman of Ladakh, India

Amazon, South America. The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest on earth. The basin, roughly the size of the forty-eight contiguous United States, covers some 40% of the South American continent and includes part of eight South American countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, as well as French Guiana, a department of France.

*Apatani woman. India ♥ Their villages were constantly raided by neighboring tribes, and the women kidnapped.To make themselves unattractive to the other tribes, Apatani women began wearing these hideous nose plugs and tattooing their faces with a horizontal line from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and five lines on their chins. Let’s face it, that turns off any raider in search of beautiful women to have his way with.

Rabari woman in Bhujodi village. India

India | Bonda woman on the way to the market. Orissa | | ©Marc Malmoux