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    Continental Drift Simulation! Privode students with this website on the theory of continental drift. It comes with a quiz that students can complete to check their understanding. Find it at: www.enchantedlear...

    Brain Breaks For The Classroom. This pack is HUGE with 52 brain breaks AND an editable file to add your own!

    Students need to know how to count the number of atoms in a chemical formula before they can balance chemical equations or build molecular models. This handy little sheet gives them lots of practice.

    or author spotlight!

    A worksheet to help students learn the basic differences between elements, compounds and mixtures using illustrations/visuals.

    Use this Think-Tac-Toe as a culminating activity to your school year. Students have a chance to reflect on their school year, come up with ways to...

    Create a topic quiz using Easy Test Maker! Students can write their own questions and test their friends! Acts as a great summary and revision tool. Find it at: www.easytestmaker...

    Nitrogen Cycle "Fotobabble"- talking photos! Students will use this tool to record a voice over explaining a diagram of the Nitrogen cycle. This provides more depth to just a diagram of a process and makes students really think about what is happening in the process and why it is important. Find it at:

    Natural Events PADLET Wall: Students can collaborate and build a online wall that explains and demonstrates the differing effects of volcanoes, earthquakes and cyclones on the environment. Students can be creative and display the information using many different mediums. Find it at:

    Genetics Survey; CHARTLE your results! Students will discover different genetic traits that people in their class have. They can then use this data to make a graph using the online graphing tool; "Chartle" which will help students of all abilities create a graph. Find it at:

    I have used this site for years to introduce force and motion with the roller coaster. great conversations arise as students manipulate one variable at a time and ultimately try to make the fastest coaster that doesn't fly off into the air!

    Australian Food Web Stimulation! Students can work through the activity to gain a appreciation for different types of Australian species and their role in the food chain. Find it at:

    Oresome Resources Interactive Map! Use the online map to allow students to discover different mining techniques and what is mined and what it is used for. Find it at: www.oresomeresour...

    Ozone Layer Radio Ad! Get students to make a Radio Ad with the online voice recorder, "Vocaroo." Find it at

    Use Letter Pop to create engaging and colourful documents to attract readers to be interested in what you are advertising/displaying. Students can use this medium to create a brochure for a lecture on Natural Selection coming to their community. Find it at:

    This three page test and answer key, with attached three page study guide, on forces and motion was designed for middle school students with learni...

    A fun connection to the layers of the earth. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - First Look: Official Scrat Short Film (2012) | FULL-HD

    Use this link to help students complete the rock cycle animation!

    Rocks and Landforms Animation! This is a link to a fun and easy activity to get students to link rock types to different landforms and types of erosion. Have students complete this activity before an Earth science practical to check understanding. Find it at: www.footprints-sc...

    Layers of Earth's Interior foldable for a middle school interactive science journal unit on Earth Science

    This would be a great classroom chart to have up as a model for students based off of an Interactive Read Aloud that you've done with the whole class. Students could then try this method out in their independent reading.