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15 Amazing Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

Essential Oils to Handle the Daily Hustle and Reset Your Mind... Manage irritability with Forgiveness, Release, or Stress Away essential oil blends. Get unstuck with Hope or Sacred Mountain essential oil blends, or Tangerine essential oil. Release overwhelm with Grounding, Peace & Calming II, or Transformation essential oil blends. ~ Young Living Essential Oils.

DUCKEE - A1100678 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/2017 A volunteer writes: Duck, Duck…Nope. I’ll stop right here thank you very much. Duck(ee) is all I need. Everyone loves a makeover story and 4 year-old Duckee is just that. Timid, fearful, and even aggressive directly following her arrival at the shelter, little Duckee has undergone a total transformation. “DUCKEE!” a staff member calls out as I trot this brindled beauty halfway down the hall

Reflections and Rotations INB Pages

rotations foldable for geometry interactive notebooks

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Dear Self, This is going to be your year. So dust yourself off and get started. Love, Me.

Transformations Coloring Activity

Students will practice graphing transformations, including reflections, translations, rotations, and dilations. There are 20 problems total, separated into two columns. I recommend doing this a partner activity where one partner does column 1 and the other does column 2.Students graph the pre-image and its image under a given transformation, then identify a certain point.