The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank was banned in 1983 by the Alabama State Textbook Committee for being "a real downer".

The diary of Anne Frank

Old books.

A good book

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oh a girl and books (and a bathtub)

Reading this now. Great book!o read.

Definitely one of my favorite books ever.

OMG...the best book. Just finished it over the weekend. Major drama and now I can't find a book to beat it.

Book Hangover

40 books you won't be able to put down

This is what reading a good book feels like...

Books worth reading

"Amelia: The Centennial Biography of an Aviation Pioneer" by Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon. Available in the Valencia West Campus Library.

"Marie Curie: A Life" by Susan Quinn. Available in the Valencia West Campus Library.

Hemingway is one of my favorite writers, and this book is a classic.

Oh how I loved these books!!!!

one of the best books worth reading in my opinion.