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A great dessert for the whole family!

- Spoon in vanilla ice cream until filled. - Let stand at room temperature 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

St. Augustine: Hedonistic Partyer

Augustine of Hippo helped shape much of what we understand about Christianity today. His transparency regarding his own internal struggles and road to conversion have helped millions find their own path.

When you come to the point where you need a release, you want to do it in a healthy way. Here is how to release anger your anger in tangible ways.

A fat gene is one of the culprits responsible for the obesity problems facing the country.

the fearful avoidant attachment style. Additionally, they feel that others are unworthy of their love and trust because they expect that others will reject or hurt them. Given their negative view of self and their view that others are bound to hurt them, those with a fearful-avoidant attachment style tend to avoid close involvement with others in order to protect themselves from anticipated rejection

Releasing toxic or otherwise stagnant relationships can be painful, but you can get through it a little easier by doing these three things:

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