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LIMIAP3: Object in front of house, taken on a bright sunny day. Canon 700D hopefully covers the composition and balance taken on auto 100, 5.6 ISO 100

LIMIAP3: Rule of thirds, taken on the way to Boddington bright sunny day on auto no flash canon 700D 160 5.6. An abandoned car in the middle of a field.

LIMIAP3: Close but not to close. My nephew on his 2nd birthday someone took his cake, don't worry they gave it back. I had happy ones too but I think the tears added something different. Taken on auto zoomed in canon 700D bright sunny day though we were undercover.

LIMIAP3 Lines: Photo taken whilst raining lightly a path going from the church down to a platform for relaxing or fishing. Taken with a canon 700D. Taken on auto no flash. I had taken so many photo's but they say go with your first instinct.