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Scotland. Castle Craig, an Urquhart castle, is an impressive ruin on the Cromarty Firth. Because each floor was stone vaulted (rather than using wooden beams) it has survived to its full height since being abandoned in 1640.

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Loch Ness as seen from the southern end of Urquhart Castle,Scotland

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Lauriston Castle overlooking the Firth of Forth - Edinburgh, Scotland

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Clifden, Ireland. An abandoned castle full of sheep and cattle and crenelation shadows.

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Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness, #Scotland

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK - A most impressive sight from every angle - a treat to see it flanked by a blue sky!

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Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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Abandoned castle in Belgium. The words "Abandoned" and "Castle" really don't belong together. Who ABANDONS a friggin' CASTLE?!

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Edinburgh and Castle, Scotland

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Beautiful castle ruins in Sicily, Italy.

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North Ayrshire

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Full Moonlight over Kilwinning Abbey ~ North Ayrshire, Scotland