La muerte de Orfeo. Durero, 1494.

Albrecht Dürer ~ My Agnes, 1494

Albrecht Dürer: Self-portrait at 13 years

Albrecht Dürer - The Witch

Portrait of Dürer’s mother in the age of 63 Date 1514 (Dürer’s drawing)

Albrecht Dürer ~ Winged Man, in Idealistic Clothing, Playing a Lute, 1497

albrecht dürer - Albrecht Durer - The complete works www.albrecht-durer.org527 × 779Zoeken op afbeelding Durer's Mother

Albrecht Durer

Durer Albrecht, drawing


Albrecht Dürer "Ornament with a Deer Lying in a Circle of Oak Branch"

Alberto Durero Study with Three Hands, 1494–5 Pen and brown and brown-black ink over thin pen tracing in a slightly paler ink on white paper 27 x 18 cm Graphische Sammlung Albertina

Jennifer Mercede "likin loopin" Acrylic, ball point pen, watercolor crayon on panel"

Standing Apostle - Albrecht Durer

Pen and ink flower. Incredible! "Pen and ink of a flower is usually heavy on exaggerated values to deepen 3D effect of curves in images. This is most of the time very necessary in the choice of subject." - Carlo de Leon Art Opinions™ #artopinions #carlodeleon

Albrecht Durer ~ The Stork, 1515 (pen and ink)

bic biro & postcard drawings by Mark Powell, via Flickr

Ernst Haeckel ~ Art Forms in Nature

Albrecht Durer. Head of an Angel.

Albrecht Dürer

Bic Biro drawing on 1915 envelope. by mark powell bic biro drawings, via Flickr