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freckles!!! My dad would call me his freckle face girl!!! I was his baby! Love you dad!! Xoxox

Beautiful Eye color - good eye to attempt to recreate in watercolor!

green eyes, the most uncommon of the three main eye colors.

In this picture you are able to see all the emotion on her face because the photographer decided to photograph her so close up. The strip of light shining on only part of her face is whats so intriguing about this picture. laura zalenga photography

Eye color. Characters ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup, eye makeup, eyes, backgrounds y models

Love the partial face and of course the eye detail

I just love black and white photography. You are able to see deep within someone's soul without the distractions of color. - Little girl

The hazel is my eye color and the blue is totally my cousins eye color but this isn't us.... lol

Beautiful baby eyes :)

Rostros / Faces, old man, lines of Life, wrinckles, aged, beauty, powerful, intense eyes, expression, strong, portrait, photo

Afghan eyes (o) #lamistardilocast #yeux #beaux #beautiful #eyes #hermosa #ojos #Красивая #глаза (o)

Look at those eyes, kid, child, cute, nuttet, adorable, fabulous eyes, hand, watch, beautiful, strong, portrait, photo.