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    Steve Morse: Fusion. Clean. Smart.

    Joe Satriani: Dedication. Devotion. The boy can play.

    Janick Gers, Dave Murray & Adrian Smith: Team work. Harmony. Live.

    Stanley Jordan: creation, fresh-air, delicate.

    Jimmy Page: Heavy. History. Cool.

    Pete Townshend: Persistence. Strong. Destiny.

    Eric Clapton: Fate. True. Unstoppable.

    Jeff Healey: Brilliance. Lightness. Astonish.

    Alex Lifeson: Virtuous. Accurate. Beauty.

    Ritchie Blackmore: Darkness. Introspective. Target.

    Mark Knopfler: Simplicity. Multiple. Joy.

    B. B. King: The Master. Immortal. Incredible.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Bluesman. Soul. Strong.

    Steve Howe: Marvelous. Musician. Epic.

    Eddie Van Halen: Shinning. Explosive. Leadership.

    Steve Vai: Invention. Quickness. Shrill.

    Jimmy Hendrix: The First. The Only. The Wizard.

    Yngwie Malmsteen: The Legend. Fast. Classical.

    Randy Rhoads: Unforgettable. Charisma. Beautiful.

    Brian May: Creative. Unique. Precision.