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Week 3 Pin 2 This defines negative space because there are objects made with the negative space.

Love this poster design. It's creative to use the broken plate to form a tree shape. The negative space is working well in this one.

If using an image I would like to use negative space like in this design. The name could accompany it as a byline but not the main focus.

Low Tide at Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick Reminds me of the Hot Gates in 300.

Wordmark for Architecture firm by Rethink Communications

Logo Inspirations - "Victory Ranch Club" *You can't go wrong using an eagle on a logo they are majestic and convey power and respect, this logo (eagle) would fit perfectly on any football helmet. *** Me encanta la forma del águila excelente idea para logos deportivos.

Meher Says: The 38 logo is such a good way to put these two numbers together. The negative space makes one while the other still fits in so well

Reminds me of the Ryan Adams song "City Rain, City Streets" from Love is Hell Part 2

The way they use negative space to create the image of the mouse is really interesting to me. I almost didn't see the mouse at first. Creating something like that always seemed super difficult to me