before I die..


Your Bucket List.

go hiking through the woods together #bucketlist



before I die, I'd like to ... keep a journal and actually write in it everyday, or at least a few days a week. #beforeIdie #bucketlist

kiss on a beach at sunset

Check!!--Been on a couple different rides. Once at the C.N.E when I was 3...and once when I was 13 on an Army Helicopter when I was in Air Cadets, equipped with an open side door with the best view ever!!

...how I fall asleep,and its the best way,too-my head was made to fit on his chest,its my favorite place in the world...Ω

bucket list: get kissed under a waterfall

done. 8.9.12. donated blood

Had one perfect wedding - now striving for perfect vow renewals!

yes please

BUCKET LIST: Being the love of my life's bride. - Date Completed:

Love Paris. Can't wait to go back!

haha So cute and so looking forward to spending my life with one person

Find beauty and happiness in the little things.