Adorable Dr. Who kid dress up. Oh please, oh please, oh please...I want to do this with the kids for Halloween!

Despicable me Halloween costume - you and your friends can go as minions. Swim googles, tutus and tights....easy!

DIY Tardis. This site is the MOTHERLODE of Dr. Who DIY. Even has the characters! I made this for the top of my son's birthday cake... made a Dalek too. They turned out AWESOME!

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This is awesome. Obviously it doesn't have to be a kid's costume.

A very simple Dr Who costume

DIY Disney princess tutu costumes.... For next year with my friends!!!!!

Dr who costume with Tardis candy bag!

OH MY GOSH. Too Cute.

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Cinderella Costume. This is adorable!

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Parenting... You're doing it right.

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Dalek Princess

Doctor Who 'Blink' weeping angel costume walk through. Some VERY good tips on making wings, dress, mask, hair AND painting.

Dr. Who costume ideas. Oh my this is fabulous.

TARDIS baby!

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