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This is their actual wedding cake design. The Swag will be sage green, and the piping at the join of each tear will be tan to match the tan in the Willow Tree topper. The flower are orange, yellow, and a predominant amount of green leaves.

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At Mark Joseph Cakes, we make stunning showpieces for your visual enjoyment. By infusing cakes and fillings with the best.

Mint colored wedding cake. LOVE the the flower petal effect on the frosting!♥ (Not so sure about the roses, though.)

The Most Extravagant Wedding Ideas

Refreshing, tender, exquisite and very relaxing – that’s mint decor for your wedding! That’s one of the hottest colors for a wedding theme and I know why – it’s so sweet and magnetic! How can you include mint into you.

Burlap Wedding Cake

Two words that do not belong together are 'cake' and 'burlap.' This just looks dirty, cheap, trashy, tacky, and completely uninspired.