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el hombre que nunca existio - This is a book that explain a real event, this was that the allies create a man to make Germans think that the allies know all there information.

“Rows of finished jeeps churned out in mass production for war effort as WWII allies plan for inevitable invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe.”, by Dmitri Kessel, 1942

Dr. Seuss illustrated this cartoon. During World War Two, he was hired by the military to create propaganda such as this and he also continued to work for the newspaper PM.

The Hump was the name given by Allied pilots in the Second World War to the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountains over which they flew military transport aircraft from India to China to resupply the Chinese war effort of Chiang Kai-shek and the units of the United States Army Air Forces based in China. Creating an airlift presented the USAAF a considerable challenge in 1942: it had no units trained or equipped for moving cargo, and no airfields existed in India for basing the large number…

Focke Wulf Ta 183 Huckebein having being shelved in favour of the FW PVII which was faster and cheaper to produce The FW Ta 183 was to have a speed of 621mph at 22750ft and the ability to operate at up to 45930ft in order to reach the Allies high flying B29 and Mosquito,s .the first three were to Jumo 004B turbojets two as static testbeds and the 11 pre-production prototypes were to be fitted with HeS011A,s

Includes new ANZAC miniatures as well as new mechanized infantry, and antiaircraft artillery. Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 can be combined with Axis & Allies Europe 1940 to create the greatest Axis & Allies experience to date! Same great game as the last version of Pacific 1940, including the extra large 35&733; x 32&733; game board for a greater play experience. Both game boards unite to create a massive 70'' x 32'' playing field that will let you experience the full scale of World War II…