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Tithing Office, Ghost Town, Chesterfield, Caribou County, Idaho - located along a route of the Oregon Trail, Chesterfield was founded by Mormon settlers in 1881. After a railroad line was built through Bancroft to the south, the community lost some of its momentum, and agricultural difficulties led to its desertion by the end of the 1930s.

Musick Mine 1 Bohemia Mining District. near Cottage Grove Oregon. Bohemia Mining Dist. Oregon

Colorful Vintage 1960 Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Advertising Illustration Print

1938 cost of living.

A little more context -- Average family was supported on a single income. No bills for cable/satellite TV, cell phones, internet. No such thing as fast food and almost all meals were made from scratch at home. Disposable items were virtually unheard of.