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Calcite (nailhead stalactite) from Hilton Mine, Cumbria #minerals #rocks #crystal

This calcite photo gives me the shivers just from looking at it. Very powerful stone.

Hematite Calcite crystal / Mineral Friends ♥

Cranberry Fluorite crystals covered with Calcite crystals, Anhui Province, China, 1" / Mineral Friends ♥

This Crystal Cluster is made from deep Black Smokey Quartz. Smoky quartz crystal is an excellent grounding and protection stone. It promotes

Platinum is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78. Its name is derived from the Spanish term platina, which is literally translated into "little silver". It is a dense, malleable, ductile, precious, gray-white transition metal. Platinum has six naturally occurring isotopes.

Copper Crystals by fluor_doublet, via Flickr

Gold Crystals on Quartz / Mineral Friends ♥