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Beautiful Cervix Project. LOTS of very interesting photos of cervices in differing stages of cycles and events. Awesome!

Vitamins During Pregnancy Infographic

Tupler Technique, created by New York-based trainer and childbirth educator Julie Tupler, R.N., this unique series of exercises you can do at home will not only protect your back during day-to-day activities, it also will help shrink your belly. Start with doing only seated on until your transverse muscles are stronger and then add the gravity and do head-lifts.

A Timely Birth - by Gail Hart

How the placenta detaches and the Importance of natural oxytocin vs. pitocin. Well- written!

Visual of cervical changes for dilation.

- Navelgazing Midwife Blog - The Miracle of Peanut Balls

A woman knows when and how to give birth.

Top 7 Cesarean & VBAC Websites That Every Birth Pro Needs to Know About

Just had her baby! A fast birth. Amazing picture, birth story and video.

On this page you will find YouTube videos and links to articles about using the rebozo as a tool for pregnancy and labour. A rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl, which is long enough to wrap around a woman's body and can be used in pregnancy and labour by midwives, doulas and support people as a comfort measure and to encourage babies into an optional position.

Alternative to Clomid - What Works Just as Well as the First Line Fertility Drug Very interesting!!

We did this with our 3rd as had no clue about it with our other 2. That's the difference i working with a Doula and midwife! Do your research on all aspects of labor before you just "go with the flow". This is your baby you are bringing into the world! Their health is your priority.

6 Things to Know About #Ovulation: 90% of women don’t know that 2 days before through the day of ovulation is the best time to try to get #pregnant. #NICHD

Shoulder dystocia

STRUGGLING WITH INFERTILITY? TRY FEMORAL MASSAGE-This exercise might be the most important physical technique you can do to improve the blood flow and functioning of the...

The traditional preconception diet— what to eat for optimal fertility and healthy pregnancy, BEFORE you're pregnant. And why you should eat this way whether you are TTC or not.

Free to use ovulation calculator. Determine the best time to get pregnant.

Transfer of blood volume from placenta to baby after birth