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This is a pretty picture of the Disney princess Ariel. From the movie, The Little Mermaid.

How to Draw Disney's Cinderella

Got your pencil and paper ready?. Start her face shape. Add her hair. Add her neck and jewelry. Start her arms. Start her body so you know where to draw her dress.

How to Draw Disney's Princess Jasmine

Get ready!. Draw her eyes and nose first, it makes everything else easier. (:. Add her earring and hair line. Add her headband and the rest of her hair.

How to Draw Baymax From Disney's "Big Hero 6"

A step-by-step tutorial. Start out by sketching the oval-shaped head on top of the slightly pear-shaped body. Add blobby arms and short, stubby legs. Note: Don't press too hard with your pencil, just in case you make a mistake and have to erase.

Olaf the Snowman from Disney's Frozen - Graphite Drawing