Cross Country

cross country

Oh how I miss it! Cross country eventing.

Cross Country! Look at the speed on him!!

Fearless! #Horse #Eventing #Cross country

The glorious moment of a successfully completed cross country course. #crosscountry #equestrian #riding #competition

cross country

.eventer on Cross Country

cantering along a wooded track... bliss

No one, and I mean no one, could ever convince me that riding isn't one of the toughest, most extreme sports on earth. This stuff takes guts.

Some people don't think eventing is a sport...I say, I'll saddle up a 1,200 lb horse with a mind of it's own and take you for a ride. We will see how strong every muscle in your body really is.

We all have a little bit of this in our hearts when we ride!

Snow ride

Horses and riders are athletes.

hehehehehehehe that pony knows it's job, even if it's little rider is terrified.

Cross Country!

Horse and rider as one.

Cross Country!!(:

Young rider

Can't imagine riding such a round jumper xcountry!