Cross Country

cross country

Cross Country! Look at the speed on him!!

Hm. Well.... can't say he didn't try.

.eventer on Cross Country

Finishing cross country may be the most satisfying feeling in the world...especially if its at Rolex

cross country eventing.

Cross country is thrilling to watch... can't imagine how it feels to ride!

Mountain Horse Team Rider Jennifer Wooten

Kentucky Horse Park Save a horse, ride a cowboy!

Clydesdale cross at Grand Prix- Love seeing Clydesdales doing dressage, jumping, cross country, roping, heading, or heeling. Just shows that they are not just a carriage horse. <3<3


This police horse came to see his former rider in hospice – so great to see that they allowed this.

A beautiful Horse and Rider at the 2006 Arabian Horse Nationals- This is one of my most popular photos

Friesian Sport Horse, Friesian Cross, Paint (Mystical Photography) @Christina & (RivkaBelle) A compromise on your Gypsy Vanner?

Some people don't think eventing is a sport...I say, I'll saddle up a 1,200 lb horse with a mind of it's own and take you for a ride. We will see how strong every muscle in your body really is.

live for this<3