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Balance bathtub offers you triple function bathtubs at the same time. Balance bathtub offers you steam and infrared sauna heat, hydromassage with its couple dozen jets, and therapies both aroma and chroma. Need music ? Sure, no problem, Balance bathtub also features mp3 player for you to enjoy while having bathing experience.

from Ubergizmo

The Almighty Board could be a chef’s dream come true

Touchscreen cutting board that can give you recipes, weigh what you're chopping and even tell you when it's clean enough! Brilliant!

from Listotic

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Hyundai's Kitchen Nano Garden ... using hydroponics, so users don't need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. Instead of the sunlight, Nano Garden has lighting which promotes the growth of plants. The amount of light, water and nutrient supply is also controllable, so users can decide the growth speed. It lets users know when to provide water or nutrients to the plants, and Nano Garden functions as a natural air purifier, eliminating unpleasant smells.