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Living Alone


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  • Kinsey Lee

    24 Survival Tips for Living Alone...some good ideas even if you don't! There are some great ideas even if you don't live alone.

  • Linda Phelps

    HOUSEHOLD TIPS: "24 Survival Tips for Living Alone", although they're good tips for spraying Windex at base of an appliance to make it easier to move.

  • Tracy Reinhardt Goss

    24 Survival Tips for Living Alone - and good to know tips!

  • Irene Ainza

    Neat stuff .... 24 Survival Tips for Living Alone - even if I don't live alone, some of these tips are good to know! GREAT tips!

  • Kristin Koehler

    24 Survival Tips for Living Alone...some good idea even if you don't. Check it out. Pinning because they're great tips even if you don't live alone!

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24 Survival Tips For Living Alone - I love the tip on how to zip your dress. Also, you can clean a computer keyboard in the dish washer?

Open a jar using two rubberbands. I 24 Survival Tips For Living Alone

24 Survival Tips For Living Alone --- These great life hacks come in handy even when you don't live alone

Or use Command Frame Strips if you can't even deal with hammer and nail. Pick some of these up for the plaster apartment walls!

Put bay leaves in nooks and crannies to keep roaches away. | 24 Survival Tips For Living Alone

Save time by using your dishwasher to wash things other than dishes. list of things I would have Never thought of using the dishwasher for.

Use scotch tape to put on a bracelet. Why didn't I think of that?

24 Survival Tips For Living Alone ~ These obviously can be applied to those who don't live alone as well, there are some really useful tips.

Use toothpaste to perfectly hang a picture. Add a dab of toothpaste to the back of the picture where the nail will go. Once you've found the perfect place to hang your picture, press the picture against the wall so the toothpaste leaves a mark. Hammer a nail on the toothpaste spot. This is a great technique for hanging pictures in a straight row, or as a collage.

Get Ethylene Gas Guardian pods to make your produce last longer, Use peppermint oil to deter mice, Use baking soda and vinegar to unclog a drain, Use dishwasher soap and hot water to unclog a toilet

Place a damp paper towel over your leftovers while microwaving. One thing that sucks about leftovers is how the rice/pasta hardens up. This trick steams and rehydrates your food.

Pre-make pancake batter and store it in a ketchup bottle. Batter will stay good for a couple of days.