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Plaque with Egyptian goddess Sakhmet Period: Neo-Assyrian Date: ca. 8th–7th century B.C. Geography: Mesopotamia, Nimrud (ancient Kalhu) Culture: Assyrian Medium: Ivory

Inlay in the form of the Horus falcon Period: Late Period–Ptolemaic Period Date: 4th century B.C. Geography: Egypt, Middle Egypt, Hermopolis (el-Ashmunein) Medium: Faience, polychrome Dimensions: H. 6 1/8 in. (15.5 cm)

3500-3400 BCE. Female figure with bird traits. Naqada II period a distinct archaeological culture of Chalcolithic Egypt. Predynastic Egypt. Brooklyn Museum

Valdivian Fertility Goddess ~The Valdivia Culture is one of the oldest settled cultures recorded in the Americas. It emerged from the earlier Las Vegas culture and thrived on the Santa Elena peninsula near the modern-day town of Valdivia, Ecuador between 3500 BC and 1800 BC.