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art rubric - Im thinking of comparing this to one that asks students to reflect on their capacity to think critically / conceptually and asking students to look at facility of media.

The students created a balance scale on construction paper out of a one inch strip of paper and a die-cut "v". They then chose two magazine pictures to glue on the scale to show which was the heaviest and which was the lightest. They then wrote comparative sentences to describe the weight of the objects.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is used to measure the nitrogen fraction of urea, the chief end product of protein metabolism. Formed in the liver from ammonia and excreted by the kidneys, urea constitutes 40% to 50% of the blood’s nonprotein nitrogen content. BUN level reflects protein intake and renal excretory capacity.

12 Uses For Cloves - A Wonder Spice With The Highest Antioxidant Value

I was tired of the ol' "Gallon Guy" measurement activity for teaching conversions. I saw this on a poster...they came out cute.