This is a really great picture. I love the green in the background, because is really makes the teapots stick out. I want to have a tea party, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

tea time

Yes, I'll have a teapot collection. And use them frequently, especially when I invite @Jessica Fickett over for afternoon tea and we'll use our strumpet/trollop teacups. :) (Cause when we're old we WILL live closer to each other...I DEMAND IT!)

Dancing tea pots

teacups in candy colours


beautiful bird teapot

hankerchief art

Paint a circle on the wall behind a matching shelf #color #interior #home

sea collections in glass cabinet


This is great! I just love it!

Tea cup via pinterest - Embrace luscious living with LUSCIOUS.jpg

tea time

Tea Pot Collection


Vintage French enamel teapot

Swirly nibbles dish