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Hand Drill Shelf

I have a few hand drills/braces laying around. I started with rough sawn poplar lumber .



Sandpaper sheet storage box

One of the really irritating things in my shop was the stack of random containers of sandpaper sheets, so I decided to remove that irritation by building a box to store them.

cigar shave blade jig

There's enough handplane lovers around here that this could be an informative question. What are your dream handplanes (handtools in general are acceptable)?

Anarchist's Tool Chest

She was an absolute sweetheart so I thought it would be a good way to remember her.

Total Anarchy

I realized that the white pine anarchist toolbox I was making as described in Chris Schwarz's book does not work for me. Isn't that the ultimate anarchy?

bit and tool holder

bit and tool holder

Handplane and chisel till/cabinet

This is my first major hand-tool project. A Cabinet/till storage for my user Stanley planes and Chisels.

about an inch longer, 10.5" vs 9.5".

about an inch longer, vs

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Image result for anarchist tool chest