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Pages from Ars Memorandi per Figuras Evangelistarum (Book of Notable Religious Figures) 1470. Each image became a visual cue for the speaker and a symbolic illustration for the audience.

A Page from Ars Memorandi per Figuras Evangelistarum (Book of Notable Religious Figures), c. 1470. The angel that supports the whole is the emblem of St. Matthew the Evangelist.

From the LOC Rare Book and Special Collections Division Title: Ars memorandi per figuras Evangelistarum.

timeline 1493 In his Nuremberg Chronicle of the World, Hartmann Schedel depicts the creation of the earth with seven concentric circles. Also of note, the Chronicle represents royal ancestry with portraits interconnected with vines to indicate marriage and parenthood, thereby participating in a broader tradition that associates genetic lineage and arboreal growth.

Illustration from the incunabulum: Cronecken der Sassen (The Chronicles of Saxony) printed by Peter Schöffer in Mainz. Date 1492 detail

Recreated Gutenberg Press - The printing press was introduced in the Holy Roman Empire by Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith, around 1440. Gutenberg, devised a hand mold to create metal movable type, and adapted screw presses and other existing technologies, to create a printing system. The mechanization of bookmaking led to the first mass production of books in Europe. A single Renaissance printing press could produce 3,600 pages per workday, compared to about 2,000 by typographic…