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This is the first book I remember being given as a child. I spent hours and hours pouring over the text and pictures. It was from my grandmother -- who also hand sewed a Robin costume for me that year.

from Hands On As We Grow

Pouring Water: A Toddler Busy Activity (And Life Skill to Learn)

Pouring Water: Toddler Activity. The simplest activities can create hours of fun. Use water and various cups, pots, pans, large spoons plus a bucket.

He Pours A Bottle Of Rice Into A Balloon. The Result Is Hours Of Fun For The Whole Family [VIDEO]

Good old goop! (Or gak or oobleck...) just corn starch and water and hours of fun scooping and pouring and squeezing.

from The Glamorous Housewife

Why Don't You

Why Don’t You....fill a glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour Sprite over it? Fun with the kids on New Year's Eve.

from Great Peace Academy

LEGO Challenges

Interesting ideas. Might add some of these to pour Fun Friday activities.

Straws and Connectors - Kiddos play with these for hours! Fun for adults too.

DIY Yard Games- I love this! I've seen Jenga but it's so much fun to have options!

Summertime fun happy hour drink to serve your girlfriends! Great Idea!

Squirt Sqeeze Spray...Pump Pour Press. Water fun that will keep children entertained for hours