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They say you always hurt the ones you love most. you must've loved me more than anything. (Sooo Raven to Danny)

This is how you will see things.

marianamystic: humanformat: Feeling the windLooking up to the skyYou know the voice of your mindAll things in the universe… love

But what if I wanna dive deeper in, letting go and breathing in/ everything's turned blue and green like your eyes did in September/ just this once I'm letting go to see the tide come in and I hope I drown in the green and blue lights cause that's all I want to remember

The currents will pull us away from our love, just keep your head above. “Swim”- Jack’s Mannequin

archenland:    last Sunday (by double monster)

archenland: “ last Sunday (by double monster) ”

Golden dive.

10 Ways To Feel Light As A Feather

I understand the love for the ocean but lakes hold that special place in my heart. I can't think of a better place to start and end a balmy summersday with the people who mean the most to me. One of my most favourite places and spaces.