Ad Placement Fail - Michael Vick and A Pedigree Ad ... Bad Combination

Ad Placement Fail

That is one really bad ad placement!

House Fire ad fail

Olive Garden ad fail

Ad Placement Fail - Copper Bracelet Myth Beside Ad For Copper Bracelet

Ad Placement Fail

Greece vacation ad fail

Dear Magazine Layout Editor, I think you should have considered "moving" this ad placement near the Imodium pages

Friendly fire ad fail

Ad Placement Fail - World of Warcraft Google Search Reveals a Interesting Ad In The Right Column

Ad Placement Fail - Coffee Induced Heart Attack Article Shows Up Beside Folgers Ad

Child Abuse Ad Fail

Elmo ad fail

McDonald's ad placement fail

Beer ad placement fail

Bad ad placement, and yet I laughed.

Bad Ad Placement

Bad ad placement. #fail

Bad ad placement

Bad Ad Placement