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Rhetus periander butterfly of the Ancyluris sort, Riodinidae family, photographed in the reserve of the Botanical Garden of Brasilia (and an ant :)

Crimson swallowtail butterfly -- these ones are my favorite. here to find out more

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Pretty Peacock Butterfly Greeting Card for Sale by Rosanne Jordan

Emerald Swallowtail Rama-rama - Legendary - Medium Papilio palinurus by Rosanne Jordan

genus Hamadryas, Amazon, They acquired their common name of “cracker butterflies” due to the unusual “cracking” sound produced by the males as part of their territorial displays.

Beautiful - The Kaiser-i-Hind is a rare species of swallowtail butterfly found from Nepal and north India east to north Vietnam. The common name literally means "Emperor of India". The Kaiser-i-hind is much sought after by butterfly collectors for its beauty and rarity.

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Swallowtail Beauty Print by Candice Trimble

Swallowtail Butterfly