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Fake Squirrel!!  Hank!!!  Get down from there!

These two Doxies are hot after this squirrel. little do they know (or care), it is a FAKE squirrel! This is so funny! I'm getting a fake squirrel now!

must make for 7...maybe she won't want to crawl under the covers with me multiple times a night!

Giraffe Cuddle Cup Bed~Izzy SO needs this~ he already chews holes in blankets trying to make his own :) I am going to make him one! Sassy needs one of these !

Wrestling for hours, and sleeping the rest of the time.  It is a wonderful dogs life at my house!

Deadly Dog Virus Killing Dogs in Michigan


Digging doxie, how funny!

Dachshund mom and her newborn baby !!!

Dachshund mom and her newborn baby !

Heaven or Hell?: I love dachshunds, so this job looks like it might be fun--for maybe two minutes! Source

Heaven or Hell

My dream come true. A stampede of weiner dogs.

Oh my!  Look at this herd of long-haired Dachshunds!  How in the Hell did they get them all to stand still ??: Animals, Daschund, Doxies Puppies, Dachshunds Hounds, Weenie

It's a doxie brigade.

Spike Pet Wig

Spike Pet Wig

lime punk wig on dachshund

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These 12 Dog’s Favorite Spot In The House Is Hilarious!

Doxies have a knack for finding the warmest spot in the house. I have 3 doxies, and the middle one knows where the heater floor vents are, and just this year, he discovered the ac vents.

Squirrel hunting on the golf course

Squirrel hunting (yeah, I see this EVERY DAY looking out my back door as they roll across the green!

Newborn doxie puppies!!! Hands make heart shapes here. How many more hearts do you see in this one photo? I count about ten.

tiny babies chihuahua by deirdre

who, us?!NO NO someone broke in an an they threw the trash can in the floor and chewed I mean ripped up the couch, an an  [awe shut up were caught!]

I can't resist the face of a Wiener Dog Puppy!

I hate when that happens. I get all excited for nothing!

Them damn squirrels always get my heart racin' and get me excited til I figure out it ain't a deer it's just them little idiots

Lets mess with you know who if he breaks my heart cause I know where his stand is located to. @pollard0818

One time I was hunting with my dad and he was sitting in a chair behind me a couple yards. I kept hearing the stupid squirrels by him. When we left he came up to me and told me there was a squirrel trying to kill him :)

Squirrel hunting tree stand.

I believe this is as dumb as the hay bale blinds.

As a supernatural fab I can 100% garuntee this is exactly how every episode is.

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Moose and Squirrel - Sam and Dean