Burning Man style....take LSD then get dressed while tripping. put everything you brought on. every bracelet, every accessory. layer and layer it. forget that you are freezing cold in this silly outfit. put a fur coat on over it.

Make a fancy collar. at night wear it over your coat. During the day wear it alone. Burning Man.

Burning man

Burning Man 2011. These two were my ride home!!!

http://www.wasteland-warriors.net/ ok this post apoc than steampunk, but it's going on my board!

burning man - love the outfit!

BURNING MAN 2010 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Burning man unicorn

Jaya Moksha inspiration - designs at etsy.com/shop/JayaMoksha - inspired by spiritual symbolism, tribal handicrafts, and 11 years at BM! ♥ Bebe @ Burning Man

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burning man

x..burning man

People of Burning Man Festival

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion | Burning Man

This looks like an awesome costume concept for DragonCon for me: Burning Man Style.

No feathers at burning man,,, but i like the idea!

Burning Man...What a cool picture.

Umbrellas were used more as a fashion accessory than to keep the sun away. Burning Man Festival

This is completely random and I would totally wear it at Burning Man!

Dream Warriors Pagan tribal shaman larp burning man costume. Order asap!