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Norma Editorials New Spanish Death Note Manga

New Spanish Translations of the Death Note Manga, and Obata's Blue Dragon too

Death Note Author Tsugumi Ohba Pens a One-Shot - Skip! Yamada-kun

Near? Is that you? Possibly not. Skip! Yamada-kun tells of a junior high school boy - the eponymous Yamada - who dreamed of a better life. There was nothing majorly wrong with the one he'd got, Yamada was just sick of things like going to school, doing homework etc.

Focus on a Fan: Cat, aka StripedTabby - Founder of Guns and Games on MB!

Continuing Death Note News's spotlight upon Death Note fans in the community.

Take(shi) the Hands On Imperative to Viz Media - Death Note Trailer (un)blocked - Death Note News

Are There Now THREE Death Note US Movies Coming Soon? Since 2007, Hollywood has been promising a Death Note movie. Nothing much has happene...

Review of Brad A. Yamaguchi's Death Note: Unofficial Guide Book