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these are the lines on the face you want to conture (make darker and lighter) this is awesome!

The power of contouring makeup. Wow I need to learn how to apply make up myself

Highlight & Contouring: the one trend that needs to STOP. As posted by my fabulous makeup artist friend.

When applied right, contouring can define your cheekbones and jaw line, reduce the look of a double chin, minimize a larger nose, and lift sagging eyes. It’s basically using makeup to highlight and accentuate your features. This is especially important for photos, as the camera tends to pick up shadows and highlights better than the naked eye.


How to Create Supermodel Cheekbones in 3 Easy Steps

Create High Cheekbones - 3 Easy Makeup Tips to Fake Supermodel Cheekbones - ELLE


Flawless Face: How To Contour & Highlight Your Face

how to contour and highlight your face

chickicouturefrom chickicouture

Contouring for tan/dark skin

natural contouring face chart


The art of illusion

Face contouring and highlighting.

MUST READ! Seriously, this is hands down the best beauty/makeup blog! In this post, she walks through how to apply makeup, highlight and contour your face, and have a natural and gorgeous look! She also tells all the brushes and brands she uses. So awesome and informative.

Flawless face: I was looking EVERYWHERE for this pin. Never pass up a good pin!