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19th Century Japanese Carved Ivory Toad on Seashell Netsuke Signed Tomomasa

Antique Japanese Amber Inlaid Ivory Netsuke Two Warty Toads Romancing On Lotus Leaf Netsuke Signature: Daisu, early 1900s'

Antique Japanese Carved Ivory Toad on Seashell Netsuke Signed Tomomasa

19th C. Carved Japanese Netsuke - by Kaminski Auctions 19th century carved Japanese netsuke, 4 1/2" h.

Bronze Sculpture, After Jules Moigniez (French 1835-1894), Le Hibou-The Owl,#933

A Japanese ivory netsuke, 19th century, carved as two quail

Ho (Japan) Standing Doll, 19th century Netsuke, Carved red lacquer,

A Japanese ivory netsuke of two mice. Early 19th century. Larger mouse with carved black hair, nestled with smaller white mouse, both with inlaid eyes. Good carving to the hair and tail. Himotoshi on bottom, unsigned. 29.46mm

Scale model of Ozimek volans made by Marta Szubert | Ozimek volans is a genus of sharovipterygid protorosaur, a type of gliding archosauromorph reptile from Triassic Poland. It contains one species, named in 2016 by Dzik and Sulej. Ozimek was a small animal, with a length of about 90 centimetres. Its limbs were long, with the hindlimbs being generally longer than the forelimbs, and its feet were large.

Schlange und Frosch. Elfenbein. 20. Jh. Die große Schlange mit mehrfach gewundenem Körper, geöffnetem Maul und langer sichtbarer Zunge, aus einer der Windungen schaut ein Frosch hervor, die Pupillen der Tiere aus schwarzem Glas.