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    “Whey” Cool Uses for Whey o_O (leftover from making yogurt)

    how to use leftover whey

    16+ amazing uses for whey-- don't ever pour your whey down the drain, it's valuable stuff!

    ferment with whey #fermentedfoods #fermentation #fermentedrecipes Now here is something I need to try

    Homemade Greek Yogurt

    Making Cheese! Mascarpone

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    Ways to Use Whey - Whey cool!

    Burrata made in Puglia

    Lekue Cheese Making Kit - Lekue Cheese Maker

    Why Whey & How to Make It

    Homemade Yogurt

    Yogurt whey uses

    Great recipe for making homemade Greek yoghurt

    uses for whey leftover after making yogurt

    How to make your own liquid whey, and tons of delicious recipes to use it in! Why buy the whey protein powder at the health food store, this is sooooo cool!

    Homemade Mascarpone Cheese. Mascarpone is pretty pricey, but it takes two inexpensive ingredients and about 15 minutes heating time to make it yourself!

    Homemade peach frozen yogurt -- peaches, lemon juice, honey/agave, plain yogurt. (Needs food processor or vitamix- style blender)

    Homemade Ricotta Cheese - 4 Ingredients, 2 minutes cooking time. SO much better than store bought! Outside of the typical uses, try it with honey and black pepper! Amazing! Also, many holiday uses!

    Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix |