“Whey” Cool Uses for Whey o_O (leftover from making yogurt)

How to make your own liquid whey, and tons of delicious recipes to use it in! Why buy the whey protein powder at the health food store, this is sooooo cool!

Ways to Use Whey - Whey cool!

how to use leftover whey

Homemade Greek Yogurt made in the Crock Pot! gotta try this!

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Homemade Greek Yogurt

5 Ways to Use Whey

16+ amazing uses for whey-- don't ever pour your whey down the drain, it's valuable stuff!

Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses: Ricki Carroll: 8580001060354: Amazon.com: Books

BRILLIANT! Chobani conversion chart for swapping less healthy recipe additions for protein-packed Greek yogurt...oh, how I love chobani!!!

Making Cheese! Mascarpone

Homemade Yogurt; I make 2 qts. every other week & use about 1 cup every day in our wonderfully nutritious smoothies: fresh pineapple, bananas, orange, strawberries, & other berries, mango, spinach, etc. whatever flavors you like

❝Homemade Haloumi Cheese in an Hour❞ A super quick (microwave!) version of Haloumi cheese, flavoured with herbs and chilli and ready to eat in under an hour.

Homemade Marscapone Cheese Recipe -One of the best I've ever tasted so far!! #recipes #food #marscapone #cheese #diy

I bake my own bread. I don’t understand why anyone woul …

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Homemade feta is SUPER easy! Step-by-step 4-ingredient instructions here. Making more today!

How to Make Homemade Parmesan Cheese

Homemade ricotta - didn't know you were supposed to make it out of leftover whey!