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pit bull + flower... I don't care what people think of pitbulls. I love my baby. She's my best friend and my protector. Remember it's how you raise them not the breed.


A different kind of guardian angel…

So cute! 😍Shows how pitbulls are sweet, and humans who train them bad are the reason why they're aggressive, not all of them are the same. 💕

another pinner said must be a pit bull thing bc mine does this all the time! i guess it is a pit bull thing bc jax does this constantly. love their little quirks. AND SHEEN TOO !!! Mine two do it as well loll. My babies Cali and Willie Wonka -- definitely how Truman gets off the couch!

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Pit bull cuddles

unconditional love - no matter your path in life, a dog will always follow and be by your side. So true <3

People just hate pitt bulls because they are raised in the wrong fashion. If you raise them like a normal dog instead of a fighting menace, they are actually quite adorable :)