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awesome idea: you and kiddo trace your hands the first time you read the book together

Original idea: Tracing your hands into the endpapers of a book when you give it as a gift. Possible twist: you and kiddo trace your hands the first time you read the book together

Mail a hug.  Cute kid craft.  Trace, color/decorate, and mail to someone special.  Love this idea!

Mail someone a hug. great idea for sending in care packages overseas! - Using a hug from Mom or Dad who are deploying and making a pillow for kids would be an AWESOME idea.

Scan your kids' artwork into a book so you don't have to keep 1,000 pieces of paper forever. I love this especially as they get older--brilliant idea!!

such a great idea.scan your kids artwork & make them into photobooks. Then you don't have all those pieces of paper & you have their artwork forever. (This is a neat idea because I know most of my artwork as a kid got tossed out eventually)

Used to love when my parents went out of town...they'd leave little notes around the house for us. :-)

Traveling parents leave notes wishing kids a good morning, "a reminder that even when I’m far away I still love you, miss you, and am thinking of you!maybe ONE day I will go on a trip without my kids. This is a cute idea!

Smart funny but a lesson to be learned as children and not adults!

Time Out Chair Poem: Boys will be boys, or so they say. But I'm raising my boys to be men one day. Shouting is not nice and kicking hurts; Nobody likes their face in the dirt. So boys that fight, kick, and shout; Will be boys that sit in TIME OUT!

Really good ideas of extras to put in the family yearbook (like kid quotes, art work, ect).

Tips on what to put in your photo book. This is pretty awesome. Look to yearly photo album tips

Sorry we can't play door sign.  Great for when my kids are doing homework, cleaning their rooms (Ha!), or are playing nicely by themselves... things-to-do-or-make-with-the-kids

For neighborhood kids during homework and chore time. - I am soooooo making this, the neighborhood kids always come over at nap time. Anderson - No explanation needed.

Homemade Soap Crayons.  Every kid loves to color in the tub!

Bathtub Soap Crayons

It’s Bathtub Soap Crayons for kids! We think bathtub time just got a whole lot more fun with this Homemade Bathtub Crayon craft recipe for kids. And, we bet kids will agree! Let’s make Bathtub Soap Crayons!


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Keep a record of your childs signature each year.

keep a sample of child's signature every school year. Cute idea for project. Could use paint sample card